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Blue Skincare




Brand Strategy


Brand Identity

Brand Positioning

Tone of Voice

Brand Messaging

The client

Blu Skincare is a startup skincare brand that aims to provide inclusive and diverse skincare products for Gen Z and Millennials of all skin types, including darker skin tones. The brand focuses on transparency, affordable luxury, sustainability, and using natural and organic ingredients.

The challenge

Blu Skincare faced several challenges in launching their brand. They needed assistance in defining their target market and creating user personas that would resonate with their intended audience. They also needed guidance with naming and in developing a brand strategy that would position them as a sustainable, inclusive, and diverse skincare brand.

The solution

Common Good worked closely with Blu Skincare to address their challenges and provide effective solutions. The first step was to conduct market research and identify the target market. By analyzing the preferences, needs, and values of Gen Z and Millennials, Common Good developed three user personas: Sarah, James, and Maya, representing different demographics within the target audience.

Next, we collaborated with Blu Skincare to define the brand strategy and to find the right name for their brand. We focused on the brand's positioning as an inclusive, diverse, and affordable luxury skincare brand that uses natural ingredients and caters to all skin types, including darker skin tones. The result is a friendly, approachable, sustainable, and inclusive brand identity.

The Logo

We designed a simple, yet visually compelling and flexible logo system for Blu skincare with a subtle nod to the brand name Blu, a play on the word blue. The colour blue is a reference to the earth and to Blu’s commitment to using natural ingredients and sustainable practices.