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The name of our studio, Common Good, is inspired by the power that good design has to achieve the common good by inspiring and delighting us, and enriching our lives. That's the very basis for our existence as a creative studio, to inspire, delight, and enrich people's lives using strategy, design, and technology.


To better achieve our mission, we created a modern and vibrant visual identity that presents who we are as a creative studio. Our flexible identity system is approachable, professional, simple, elegant, yet, vibrant and informal.


As part of our new brand identity, our creative studio, Common Good designed a new geometric logo that reflects our modern, simple, clean, and vibrant design ethos. Geometric sun rays reference the sun that inspires and delights us and form the letter C.


We chose Montserrat as our typeface. It's a modern, flexible and geometric typeface that allows us to communicate effectively no matter the platform or communication channel.  


Our website is modern, simple, elegant, and easy to navigate. It places the focus on our creative studio’s work.


Our new communication system is designed to give us the flexibility to communicate across different mediums while maintaining brand consistency.

Brand Guideliness

To ensure consistency and cohesiveness in our communication efforts, we're creating Common Good’s brand guidelines. As a first step, we've created a Brand Guidelines poster while we work on the brand guidelines document.

Social Media Templates

To increase our ability to communicate quickly and effectively while staying on brand, we created Instagram feed, stories, and reels templates.

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