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Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Brand Positioning 

Tone of Voice

Brand Messaging


Brand Guidelines 

The Client

eXeX is a US-based Saas startup on a mission to superpower healthcare teams and improve patient lives; by bringing the surgical operating rooms of the future to life, today. Founded by a team of experts in the field of neurosurgery, healthcare, and technology, the company uses mixed reality and machine learning to achieve its mission. 


In preparation for raising money for their seed round, eXeX commissioned us to assist them in creating a cohesive brand identity and brand guidelines. They wanted our help with maintaining consistency as they increased their communication efforts and grew their company.


eXeX came to us with an existing logo, but in search of brand colours and a logo typeface to pair with it. During our discovery process, we determined that along with brand colours and a typeface, the startup needed to finish establishing its brand identity by reaffirming its purpose. We used our Common Good branding toolkit to confirm eXeX’s purpose and mission and to establish its brand positioning, verbal identity (tone and voice), and messaging pillars.

Brand Guidelines

To guide eXeX during its period of exponential growth, we designed and created brand guidelines to ensure they have the flexibility to communicate across different mediums while maintaining brand consistency and cohesion.


After an exploration of different typefaces, we settled on an updated version of a classic typeface, Helvetica Neue.

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