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ScopeFour Capital


ScopeFour Capital


Climate Investment


Art Direction

Brand Strategy

Web Design

Content Curation

Web Development 

The Client

ScopeFour Capital is a Los Angeles-based climate investment management firm that approached our agency for help in creating and sharing a cohesive brand story on their website. They wanted to present themselves as a trusted partner for investors looking for actionable insights, a climate-aligned investment path, and measurable results.


We provided the startup climate investment firm with art direction, web design, web development, and content curation services to bring their brand to life online. 


Our creative studio's expertise in visual and verbal storytelling and attention to detail helped ScopeFour to create a website that not only looked great, but also effectively communicated their brand and mission.

Brand Research

The first thing we did was to do a deep dive into ScopeFour Capital’s brand identity by reviewing their brand guidelines, business plan, educational articles and other relevant documents to better familiarize ourselves with who they were.

UX/UI Research

Next, we walked the team at ScopeFour through our website questionnaire in order to uncover what problem their website was aiming to solve, who it was aimed at, what they wanted visitors to find and do on their website, the type of content they planned to share on there and more. We also created detailed user personas to ensure that the website we designed and built for ScopeFour solved their target market’s pain points. 


With a good understanding of who ScopeFour Capital wanted to build their website for and its role in solving their target market’s pain points, we started conducting visual research. We reviewed competitor and other industry adjacent websites to see how their peers and other companies they admired were solving their clients pain points with their websites and to gain insight as to how ScopeFour could stand out from its competitors.

Website Photography

We worked closely with ScopeFour to understand their investment themes and goals, and used that knowledge to curate a collection of stunning, high-quality images that effectively communicated their message. From breathtaking shots of green infrastructure and wind turbines to powerful images of natural landscapes, these photographs helped to bring the website to life and create an emotional connection with visitors. The studio's expertise in visual storytelling and attention to detail helped ScopeFour to create a website that not only looked great, but also effectively communicated their brand and mission.

Website Mockups

After creating a sitemap and user journey to confirm how we wanted website visitors to access information and what type of information they could access, we started designing mockups for each web page using the colour palette, typography, and logos established in their brand guidelines. 


We focused on creating a user-friendly and intuitive navigation system, making it easy for visitors to find the information they were looking for. We also incorporated interactive elements such as infographics, icons, and other data visualization tools to help visitors better understand the impact of ScopeFour's investment strategies.

Website Development

We then developed the website using a responsive design, ensuring that it was accessible and looked great on any device regardless of size and worked seamlessly across different browsers.


Our Role

Art direction, web design, content curation, web development 

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