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Summer Reign


Summer Reign



Type of Work

Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning

Brand Identity

Art Direction


Content Creation

The Client

Summer Reign is a festival that celebrates basketball and its intersection with culture. The festival provides the perfect gathering place for the passionate and dynamic basketball community to come together and celebrate the game and its culture in a fun and interactive environment.


We leaned into the Summer aspect of the festival name to create a bold and vibrant visual identity that elicits joy and excitement.

Bold Colours

Summer Reign’s brand colours are the personification of summer and the feeling of optimism, delight, and discovery we feel during the season.


We designed a flexible logo and logo system for Summer Reign with a playful nod to the word reign by designing an abstract geometric crown to represent the brand.


Summer Reign’s brand is designed to be flexible enough to allow it to communicate boldly and playfully across different mediums while maintaining brand cohesiveness and consistency.


We chose Futura as Summer Reign’s typeface. The festival’s typeface is modern, elegant, flexible and bold enough to communicate across all mediums. 

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